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The “Iron Men” are committed to building Godly men to serve Christ in their home, church, career, and community.  We strive to forge strength of spirit, mind, character, and body through relationships in and among men; for furthering encouragement and support of each other in our walk with Christ.

The “Iron Men” are a group of men who want to help men explore their true significance based on the Bible, and not our culture.  We strive to challenge men to examine and embrace their role as the spiritual leader in their home, to love and honor their wife and children, and pursue a deeper relationship with God.  No matter where you are on your spiritual journey; new believer to life-long Christian, we are committed to stand with you, as we all desire to live a life, and to leave a legacy that has eternal meaning.  Because Life is so hard, we often retreat to our inner secret and dark worlds.  We often fall into quiet addictive behaviors to shield our shame from others.  “They hate the light because they want to sin in the darkness.” (John 3:20)   Surely we were made for something more, something better.  There is something better!   There is a heroic mission that men are being called to join, for which each of us were uniquely created to be a part.

  • We are committed to honoring our relationship with Jesus Christ above all else and passionately pursuing His purposes for our lives.
  • We are committed to practicing spiritual, moral, ethical, and sexual purity.
  • We are committed to pursuing vital relationships with other men to experience community and hold each other accountable.
  • We, who are married, are committed to loving our wives as Christ loved the church and faithfully keeping our marriage promise.
  • We are committed to supporting the mission and values of Hope Hacienda Church and consistently giving of our resources and time to build God’s kingdom.
  • We are committed to investing in and equipping men to be leaders in the home, church, and community.